The #1 reason you gain and why programs dont work permanently. 
by Jared McDonald
On the Metabolic Reboot Program people are PERMANENTLY getting to thier ideal body and health. And most of them have tried other things, come from different programs, and are working hard to take care of their health. 

So people ask, “Why is your program so EFFECTIVE when others aren’t?” 

There are multiple reasons but to narrow it down, it really comes down to ONE thing.... your metabolism.

Let’s break down WHY.

We'll start with stress. Anytime our body has stress there’s in essence two ways it deals with it... 1. Fight or flight mode (nervous system) and... 2. the endocrine system (essentially your hormones). For our intents and purposes we’re talking about the HPA/HPT Axis, which is the process that responds to stress and helps us regulate and get back to a normal state after the stressor.

The HPA/HPT axis does many different things but in relation to this conversion it is very important in managing hunger, satiety and your METABOLISM. 

So back in the day when we were faced with a danger, like a tiger or bear, we would go into fight or flight mode and our body has to figure out a way to outrun the tiger. So it starts to conserve. It doesn’t want to lose weight so that it can use it for energy because it doesn’t know how long it’s going to need to keep you running from the tiger.

So when the body gets stressed your hormones kick in and your body says,”we have to help you survive”, and your blood sugar spikes quickly mainly because of your hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol’s primary purpose is when your under stress it says, “alright quit burning sugar and stop using glucose, we need to send it to the brain so the brain can figure out how to get away from that tiger.” 

So the blood sugar goes up, the brain is starting to deal with this and insulin kicks in. Insulin being on the other side of the teeter totter says “Wait a minute we can’t leave the sugar in the blood. That's BAD.”

When insulin kicks in it drags the blood sugar down. But in doing so we now don't have any way to store sugar for energy. So we start converting and it ends up as fat, just not just any fat, ABNORMAL fat, the kind that gets stored around the BELLY. 

Cortisol and insulin are also oxidative in nature. That means they damage the body. They produce free radicals when there’s excessive amounts of them, and that causes all kinds of PROBLEMS. 

So now that our body is stressed, you’re being chased, your blood sugar is trying to stabilize, your adrenal glands (hormones) are going crazy and your body doesn't know what to do. So you START STORING fat.

Animals in nature, and us in the past, used to eat as much as we could, when we could (feast), and then we wouldn’t eat when we couldn’t (famine). So we EAT when we are NOT being chased and DON’T eat when we ARE being chased.

Because we don’t actually have a bear chasing us any more we just stay in feast mode and keep eating, and our body just keeps STORING so that we will have energy for that day we might need it so we can run. 

Now days, stress doesn't actually come from a bear or tiger chasing us. However, we DO have chronic stress from our environment, our diets, our work, our family, our emotions and everything else. All these things start playing a roll, and we don’t have anything chasing us ever, so we KEEP EATING and KEEP STORING and our bodies are trying to deal with it and our hormones get out of control …. and …. we store more fat. 

So where does metabolism come in…?

So remember the HPA/HPT axis is essentially your metabolism. And metabolism is how the body burns fuel. So if the HPA/HPT axis has LOST the ability to regulate itself, due to CHRONIC STRESS, the metabolism starts to SLOW and the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) starts to drop. This means… yep you’re STORING fat. 

So why do other programs often fail…? 

Most programs or methods our there try to incorporate different pills, shakes, pre-package, or restrict your diet, make you count points, push yourself with exercise and everything else under the sun…. all while IGNORING the main issue… your metabolism that is NOT working like it should. 

And many of those methods even cause more stress on the body... perpetuating the problem!

It’s kind of like saying if you want your car to run better.... you try painting the car, giving it different gas, changing the oil, you put a turbo on it, change the tires and everything else. But if the engine doesn’t work like it should, your car will still run poorly. Those others things could help but it will only run OPTIMALLY if you have a well functioning engine.

So why is our Complete Metabolic Reboot Program so effective and helps people PERMANENTLY get rid of belly fat and achieve optimal healhty with no shakes, pills, fad diets, hunger, cravings, or exercise? 

Yep you guessed it... because it REBOOTS THE METABOLISM.

We help your body actually start using it's own fat as FUEL rather than trying to store it all the time, and we create a new set point for your body.

A set point is a when your body maintains where your at becauase it feel good about it. Like a homeostasis of sorts. It's not like you had a fever or flu and you dropped 6 pounds and it’s on again next week... That's not a set point. 

A set point is where you dropp say 30 pounds, and keep it off, maintain stability, and our body says, “this is where I’m SUPPOSED to be, this is who I USED to be.”

So the reason why our method is so EFFECTIVE is because we create a new set point. We get your engine working the way it should, combine it with the right fuel and know how, this creates SUPERCHARGED results.

If this makes sense or you want to learn more…. reach out to me

Check out my Case Study where I discuss in detail how to reboot your metabolism, breakthrough plateasy and achieve your ideal health.

I'm Jared, 

I used to be overweight and have had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years. 5 years ago I lost weight, have kept it off, decreased my insulin by 3/4 and now rule my life, rather than letting my health, foods, and disease rule my life. I have coached 100's of people to healthier living and now dedicate my life to helping others break free from the chains of poor health and live the life they were meant to live.

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