The Brain and Weight... Not What You Think  
By Jared McDonald

“I have tried everything else, I feel like I am DESTINED or MEANT to be heavy”…..

This is a common belief I hear from people when I am talkign with peole about what their health and fitness goals are and what they've tried in the past.  

I get it! It’s easy to feel like there is no hope when you’ve tried and tried and NOTHING has worked or been permanent. 

But what if there was a way to change your destiny?

What if there WAS a way to change your future… to BECOME the person you want to be and do the things you want to do?

Would you do it? 

The typical answer you’d think would be “Of course!”

Now as far as the loss part of it goes... it’s totally possible. It's expected! I see it every day and 10’s of thousands of people have gone through the program and achieved their health and ideal body goals. 

But the REAL question is...

And the 1 thing holding you back from permanent results...

Do you BELIEVE that you deserve it?

Many of us have beliefs that LIMIT us, that hold us back, that make us feel unworthy, undeserving, or uncapable of success. I know... I’ve been there. 

So you keep spending money, time, energy, emotions, and continue feeling STUCK. 

And one of the most amazing things to see when people go through our program, is that they get UNSTUCK. They break through the physical and mental barriers holding them back. They feel like they can do ANYTHING.

Climb that mountain...

Take that trip...

Run that race…

Get that promotion…

Be the parent you want to be...

Be the spouse you want to be…

Be the person you know you can be…

And these things don’t come just because they lose weight and boost their energy...

No, they come because they are EMPOWERED. Because they first DESIRE to change and start taking CONTROL by following a process that works.

There are four components of our program that allow people to achieve this success:

1. A proven process to help you achieve your desired body and your optimal health. 

2. We help you create a vision for your life and know how to break through the beliefs holding you back 

3. We provide support and accountability for you to maintain your vision and continue working towards it. Even when you feel like giving up.

4. We view it differently. We know that when you have a healthy mind and a healthy body, achieving results is a nice side effect and can happen EFFORTLESSLY. 

So take a look at your life… Do you believe you deserve to be where you want? What beliefs do you have that are keeping you from the life you want? 

Do you feel that you deserve it? And do you have a clear path and proven process to help you achieve it? 

And know this.. 

- It is POSSIBLE to achieve the life you want!

- You ARE good enough and DO deserve it!

- You are not “meant” to be anything other than what you desire and BELIEVE you will be!

If you feel stuck or want to learn more, reach out! I would love to talk with you. 

If you know someone who is stuck share this message of hope with them. 

I'm Jared,

I used to be overweight and have had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years. 5 years ago I lost weight, have kept it off, decreased my insulin by 3/4 and now rule my life, rather than letting my health, foods, and disease rule my life. I have coached 100's of people to healthier living and now dedicate my life to helping others break free from the chains of poor health and live the life they were meant to live.

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