About Jared McDonald 
Trying to be healthy, drop LBS and keep it off permanantly can be tricky. 

With so many different programs, plans, fads, shakes, pills, trainers, and "guru's" out there all saying their way is the way. Not to mention all the advertisements and articles saying "10 foods to avoid" or "10 ways to drop belly fat."

It's too much! Stop the madness. 

But yet people keep doing it. They hop from one fad to the next, read the next book, try the next fitness program, hire a trainer, get the latest protien shake or pill.... all while draining their physical and emotional bank account and not seeing the results they want or the results aren't permanent. 

We know we need to do it and get healhtier, but what actually works? 

     - We're tired of yo-yo'ing 

     - We're tired of the emotional burden

     - We're tired of not having the energy to do what we love

     - We're tired of feeling insecure about ourselves at the beach or a BBQ

     - We feel too insecure to go for that promotion at work.

     - We're tired of our clothes not fitting or pulling at our shirts because we're uncomfortable. 

     - We've come to grips that maybe this is our reality 

     - Or we're too scared to try again because what if it doesn't work... again

I get it. And I want to tell you that you CAN get where you want to be, have the energy to do the things you love, live a healthy life.... and learn to do it PERMANENTLY. And as I have, you can learn to do it without having to eat pre-packaged food, become a gym rat, be a smoothie queen, or starve yourself. 

I'm Jared McDonald. I'm a husband, father of a beautiful little girl, Type 1 diabetic and most important I have achived my ideal health, kept it there, and live a very healthy, sustainable, and happy life at my ideal. 

It is my mission to guide people from unhealthy, unhappy, overweight, and overwhelmed to permanently rebooting their metabolism, breaking through plateaus, and taking control once and for all. 

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